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Best Buy's done it again. For the past couple of weekends, it's been running promotions where it picks one Apple product and takes between $100 and $200 off. Two weeks ago it was the iMac. Last week it was the MacBook Pro with Retina. And this week it's $100 off the Macbook Air—which, because it's cheaper than both the iMac and the rMPB, is the best deal percentage-wise of them all. The code MOM25 takes another $25 off—so right now there are four different models of Macbook Air that are cheaper new at Best Buy than anywhere else.


Amazon's price-matched the $100 off but not the $25 code, but if your state hasn't yet been hit by the taxhammer it could be a better deal than Best Buy.

Of note, all models on sale only have 4GB of ram, and the last time Best Buy put MacBook Airs on sale the discounts were almost twice as large.


• 11" MacBook Air 64GB | Best Buy ($875) | Amazon ($900) | Apple ($1000)

• 11" MacBook Air 128GB | Best Buy ($975) | Amazon ($1034) | Apple ($1100)

• 13" MacBook Air 128GB | Best Buy ($1075) | Amazon ($1100) | Apple ($1200)

• 13" MacBook Air 256GB | Best Buy ($1275) | Amazon ($1300) | Apple ($1400)

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