A couple months ago I saw a huge thread on Reddit about some really slick leather watch straps. I reached out to the OP, and it turns out he makes them all by hand, which is a nice change of pace from the mass-produced stuff usually on Dealzmodo. Pretty sweet! I thought Dealzmodo readers would like a chance to snap them up—but only if they're at a discount.

Cloudy Sky Leatherworks has offered two codes to Dealzmodo readers: the codebuy1get10 knocks 10% off any individual Cloudy Sky Leatherworks product, and the code buy2get20 doubles the discount if you buy two—like a wallet and a watch strap. Since they're all handmade, you get a bunch of slick customization options, and if yours breaks down on you—although it shouldn't, it's heavy-duty leather—there's a one-year warranty. Here's some more info if you wanna know more, and plus, because it's a American small business, it's easy to hit him up if you've got questions. [Cloudy Sky Leatherworks]